Super Bowl XLVIII: The Stage is Set!

May Alexander


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Image Credit: NFL
Somewhere between 100 and 110 million people settle in for the “Big Game” each year, with the Super Bowl XLVI broadcast breaking the record at 111.3 million, making it the most watched TV show in history. Between the pre-game shows, television ads and extended halftime show, it is hard to believe the networks are actually able to fit a full NFL game into the mix! We kid, of course, because all of these things bring in the viewers. The water cooler is a hot spot on Monday mornings, follow any Super Bowl, and the game is hardly the topic. Commercials are key fodder for viewers, and sometimes they are a lot of fun. Going at four million bucks for thirty second blocks, advertisers have to make an impact with that type of budget.

And that is not the only budget getting blown out of the water. According to 2012’s numbers, there was an estimated $820 million in lost productivity accounted for by US businesses, and 1.5 million sick days on record. That is a lot of Super Bowl happiness the night before, no?

The Super Bowl IS a big deal and a lot of fun, making NFL fans around the country feel less guilty about partying way too much on a Sunday! In the end, there is a game to be held, and this year it is an interesting match-up. The Seattle Seahawks are coming out of the NFC with a Super Bowl berth, making eight long trips by other teams since their last appearance (they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-10) only to face Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Although Manning has a ring with the Indianapolis Colts, and an additional loss in the Super Bowl to go with it, his Denver Broncos have not made the big game since Elway was under center in 1998.

This year’s game will be a treat for everyone, no matter what they are in it for, and watching it all unfold from the cold, winter weather climate of New York makes it even more exciting. Enjoy it, everyone. It’s the last NFL football game for what is going to seem like a very long time!


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