Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Lands Huge Deal with LA Dodgers

May Alexander


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Imagine your boss calling you into his or her office and saying, “We would like for you to stay onboard for another seven years, but will write your contract so that you have an out at after five, should you want to take it. Oh, and by the way, we will give you $215 MILLION if you say yes.”

Ace pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, received that very offer yesterday, and summarily agreed to take the MLB organization up on it. That amount equals $30.7 per year, which is the highest any baseball player has ever made – let alone a pitcher. Justin Verlander, Detroit’s ace, signed a $180 million contract last winter – and this deal completely eclipsed that number.

At the end of the day, Kershaw, who is 25 years old, will have to hear – unless he amazingly loses his sense of hearing, or cuts off his ears – arguments on both sides of the “Is he worth it” argument over the next month. Especially since baseball is off-season right now, it is the only relevant news in the sport (yes, we are overlooking the A-Rod scandal completely).

Kershaw’s numbers alone say he is worth it, including the fact that he is a left-handed pitcher, which is the prized pitching possession of any team in the Majors. He began his career in 2008 and his career earned run average is the lowest among starting pitchers with a minimum of 1000 innings pitched since 1920 – the live ball era. With two Cy Young awards, and runner up position in the same category, this newly minted man has a long, successful career ahead of him, and the Dodgers were simply smart enough to capitalize on it.

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