NFL Playoff Match-ups: Round Two

May Alexander


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Round two of the NFL playoffs have arrived, and those teams who were fortunate enough to get a first round bye are now back into the fold, fighting for their playoff lives – albeit on home turf.
Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks
Seattle has the loudest crowd in the NFL, and has a 13-3 record to keep their loyal followers in tune throughout the playoffs. Drew Brees is going to have to step up inside the pocket and get rid of the ball very quickly to avoid one of the league’s best defenses closing in on him. If Brees can put up big numbers, and balance his play calling with the running game like he did last week, they will have a chance against the quick and agile Seahawks team. They are going to have to work really hard for it at Century Link Field, where the ‘Hawks have only lost one game this season.

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots
It is going to be cold, and the game is being played at night, just to make the rivalry that much more interesting. Indianapolis has changed coaches and quarterbacks, and save for Robert Mathis, the entire team is new to the Patriots v. Colts playoff picture. Meanwhile, in New England, Coach Belichick and Tom Brady are still holding down the fort at Gillette Stadium, remembering all of the games past between these two franchises. The Colts Quarterback, Andrew Luck, is in his second year on the NFL field, and is playing like a seasoned veteran. Can he keep it up for another week?

Sunday, January12, 2014
San Francisco 49ers v. Carolina Panthers
If you were looking for a game full of hard-hitting NFL players, this one will be it. Carolina’s Quarterback will expose the Niners’ defensive flaws every chance he gets by making the play himself, and reaping the benefits of a 6’5”, 265 pound frame that can blast past defenders with fury. The Niners’ Kaepernick is equally swift of foot and will certainly make some plays on his own, leaving Carolina’s defense in his wake. This one, of all the games, has the propensity to be the most explosive and interesting at the end of the day.

San Diego Chargers v. Denver Broncos
The Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning gets to meet up with an old familiar foe in Philip Rivers at the opposing position just as he had to nearly every year in Indianapolis. These two veterans play to win, but the difference in this game is that Denver is a much more complete team than San Diego. And, well, they have Peyton Manning, who has proven to be one of the best quarterbacks the NFL will ever see. Keep in mind, however, that the “Any given Sunday” rule still applies, and when the whistle blows it is anyone’s game.

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