NFL Post Season Wind Up: You’re Out!

May Alexander


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With another NFL week in the books, and only two regular season games left in the schedule, more and more teams are deciding their fate for the post season, or standing by while other teams dictate their playoff position – or official ousting.

First on the docket of “You’re Out!” this week is the New York Jets, who had every chance on the field to maintain a viable playoff position and keep their chances alive. Instead, interceptions, fumbles and poor position players roaming the offensive huddle, they can kiss their playoff chances goodbye. They may be doing the same with the coach, after five seasons of broken promises and blown chances.

Rolling alongside the Jets in their lack of playoffs possibility is their division cohort Buffalo Bills. With the New England Patriots all but sealing up the division title heading into this week's match up against the Ravens, the Miami Dolphins are left to contend with the very same AFC foe for their place in the playoff picture. It is really coming down to a wire for a few teams, and there is more to come on that later. For now, fans of the Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans and New York Giants can all revert back to the old saying, “There is always next year.”

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