NFL Postseason Wind Up: You’re Out!

May Alexander


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This week in “You’re Out!” provides a grim look at those NFL teams that are absolutely, mathematically (and obviously) eliminated from the playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons, who hosted the NFC Championship matchup after a 13 game regular winning season in 2012, were the first team eliminated from the playoff picture weeks ago. Despite the return of their Hall of Fame-worthy tight end Tony Gonzalez, who staved off retirement for another year in hopes of a Super Bowl appearance this season. No such lucky, guys.

In the less than mathematically eliminated, but more simply in terrible play, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders and the St. Louis Rams to be sure, are going to have a long off-season. Next week will usher in a whole new set of teams that are going to be ringing in the New Year with their families, instead of vying for the Lombardi Trophy.

Murky waters lie ahead for the entire NFC North, with Chicago, Detroit and Green Bay all vying for their spot in the postseason still. Likewise for the NFC East, with the Cowboys and Eagles battling for positioning, while the Giants try to rebound from a tremendously terrible 0-6 start. Strangely, they are not completely out of the hunt. It is certainly going to be interesting, and we’ll keep you posted!

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