Intriguing Facts Of The NFL And The Super Bowl

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One of the most popular sports in the United States is football and one of the most well-known organizations of professional sports is the National Football League
The National Football League, or the NFL as it is known, was established over 80 years ago. Before it was titled the National Football League, it was known as the American Professional Football Conference and the American Professional Football Association. In 1922 the name was officially changed to the NFL and it has been that way ever since. When the league first started those of African descent were not allowed to play, however, the ban was overturned in the late 1940s. Currently there are over 30 teams that are included in the National Football League.

The Super Bowl started in the early 1970s and it was formed to establish which team is the best of the best within the National Football League. It is an annual event that brings millions of football fans in front of the television with their family and friends to socialize and to watch their favorite team play and hopefully beat the opposing team. One of the biggest draws to viewing the Super Bowl are not only the game itself, but also the entertainment that are scheduled to perform there, and the interesting amount of commercials that cost millions, sometimes billions, to air during that time.

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